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Field of Grace Ministries is suitable soil and a Kingdom Ministry
worth partnering and investing in.

All financial donations given to Field of Grace Ministries,

on behalf of Michael Satterfield,
are tax-deductible and used to further the gospel.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness to resource, pray for,
and financially give to this ministry.
Your partnership matters both now and for ETERNITY.

Please mail contributions to:
Field of Grace Ministries 3901 Jasmine Fox Lane Arlington, Texas 76005




  • Pray for open doors of opportunity to preach and teach God’s Word (Col. 4:2,3)

  • Pray for boldness in the face of any opposition, and that the Word of God will be spread without hindrance through me (Eph. 6:19; 2 Thes. 3:1)

  • Pray for spiritual leading, physical health, and emotional protection (2 Thes. 3:2)

  • Pray that this ministry will be acceptable to God through obedience to His will in receiving, planning, and accepting only those engagements He has ordained (Rom. 15:31)

  • Pray that fellow colleagues and believers will continue to be supportive in wisdom and resources (also pray about ways you may be able to partner with us in fulfilling God’s call through Field of Grace Ministries)

  • Pray for God’s guidance and assistance in travel (Rom. 15:32)

  • Pray that we will seek and receive refreshment from the Holy Spirit and that we will be disciplined and rewarded through the study of God’s Word and through faithful prayer.


If you prefer to pay online, please use one of the links below.